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At RYR Sports Inc, we adhere to a strict quality standard. That is what has kept us in business since 1987 and what will continue to drive our company into the future. We have a standard to set as the number one hockey pant on the planet. Our innovation and dedication to quality is what makes all of our products stand out as the high quality that they are. These days we dominate the hockey pants market because we worked so hard for so long, to create the ultimate hockey pants. Now we focus that same innovative quality on all of our other fine products. We hope to shape the future of hockey equipment and are doing so with every new product line we come out with. 

Whether it is our custom hockey bags, our custom hockey pants, or our custom hockey uniforms, we put our all into creating the perfect product for you and your team. See our complete line of products below and be amazed at the quality and price we offer, as the number one name in hockey sportswear, RYR Sports Inc. 

Custom hockey pants


Our signature pants are made with top quality, lightweight inner foam, durable and flexible materials that make movement comfortable. They also have an anti slip belt, suspender buttons and a padded belt area. they also utilize overlapping panels for maximum protection of the key areas of the lower body. 

Custom hockey pants

Our custom hockey uniforms and jerseys are just as attractive and durable as our signature pants. They offer all of the customization options such as custom logo, player numbers and names. You can choose from an extensive line of stock colors and even custom colours. 

Custom hockey pants


Our goalie pants have our exclusive protective apron that adds protection to key areas of the goalies lower body, extending their much needed protection. Our pants have a custom one piece tailbone pad that aids in lessening impact whhen landing from a fall. All pants are manufactured with a quick drying liner. 

Custom hockey pants


We also make some of the most durable and attractive hockey bags on the market today. They come in many different colour variations and sizes and are customizable just like the hockey pants and uniforms. These custom hockey bags are made to last and fit all of your vital gear.

Custom hockey pants


Our custom hockey garment bags are made to protect your precious team jersey when it is not in use or being transported. As will all RYR Sports hockey equipment, our garment bags can be customized with everything from colours of the trim to your player number and team logo.

Custom hockey pants


We have you covered in team wear with a full line of sports and casual clothing for palyers coaches and family. This includes hats, hoodies, track suits and much, much more. Just give us a call and we can design your team gear from head to toe.

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