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Custom hockey pants


Our purpose is to protect every man, woman and child who wear RYR with the best quality product available to us. This means that every person is well protected, the product fits to their size and shape, and it enables them to perform at a high level and to have fun. We are committed to their safety and well being, and we will always continue to improve our Canadian made process to enable them to do their very best. When we manufacture something, we make sure that it exceeds at performance in the key areas. Utilizing these few critical design ideals, is what makes us the number one hockey pants on the planet.


Today, RYR hockey pant is the #1 protective hockey pant in the ice hockey market because of his vision to protect young kids in minor hockey. The patented one piece tailbone, and superior middle body protection leaves the RYR hockey pant in a league of its own. 



When founder Ron Kenney started RYR in 1987, he had a vision that he would create the most protective hockey pant on the hockey market.  


Knowing that if they offered the best protection for younger players and old alike, they would sell well to the many hockey players and parents out there who considered saftey to be top priority. But that wasn't all, the pants had to perform better than anything out there on the market. That is what started the legend, and what keeps it going strong, year after year.


Ron Kenney also realized that every athlete came in various shapes and sizes, and that sizing and customizing each pant to properly fit individual players was integral in how they moved efficiently. Each player is fitted and sized to customize their pant which enables them the freedom to be highly protected and mobile.



Because the operation is Canadian manufactured on site, each team can customize the pant with their logo, piping, number, and other accessories which match team colours in a rapid turn around time 

Their pant is so successful that RYR has repeated orders from dozens of elite teams in the GTHL (Greater Toronto Hockey League), the largest hockey league of any kind in the world with over 60,000 active players

Our goal is to provide the safest product on the market which offers high level protection and mobility, in a custom fit for every person who wears our pants. We believe in 4 factors: Protection, Mobility, Fit, and Identity.”said Joe Kenney, the Managing Director

“In this, we allow every person the ability to make the sport fun and enjoyable. We think

we’ve created the perfect product to do all of this".

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