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At RYR Sports, you will find the most innovative decoration options in the industry. We make it easy for you to brand your apparel using any of our techniques. Choose the decoration method, whether it is embroidery or transfer, and evoke pride in your apparel.

We offer a variety of high-quality imprinting methods to extend your brand onto our fashionable apparel. Each has its own unique look so you can select the one that best showcases your brand. Our expertise in decorating allows you to have fun with your logo by combining multiple methods and multiple locations on the same garment - for maximum creativity and brand exposure.

Custom hockey pants


Embroidery is an elegant, time honoured method for decorating or personalizing
any garment or embroidery friendly item.

Custom hockey pants


Tackle twill refers to a polyester twill that we cut and then sew to a garment. Uniforms for professional sports teams frequently use this form of lettering. Tackle twill is the most frequent material for premier NHL jerseys, as it provides embroidery stitching that is stronger than designs that have been screen printed.

Custom hockey pants


Screen printed transfers use silkscreen technology with the most durable plastisol inks. Designs are screen printed on individual release papers, then heat is applied with a professional heat press.

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